PRE-K AND K LEVEL   Listening Standards

1st Grade Level Standards


At the end of the first grade, students of Italian are expected to:

punto elenco

greet and respond to greetings

punto elenco

respond to introductions

punto elenco

follow simple directions in Italian

punto elenco

recognize and count in Italian numbers from 1 to 20

punto elenco

recognize basic everyday vocabulary



Recognizing simple vocabulary students are expected to:

  • understand commands
  • respond to greetings
  • follow directions in Italian
  • learn Italian songs



First grade students cannot read in Italian, however they recognize Italian words.



Using basic vocabulary students are expected to:

  • greet and respond to greetings
  • answer questions
  • state the date



Students are expected to:

  • write their names in Italian
  • write the Italian alphabet



Students are expected to:

  • identify the Italian flag and the shape of Italy on a map
  • learn Italian children’s songs
  • play Italian games
  • identify Italian food