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Nancy's Notes for New Teachers and More!
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Nancy's Notes to New **Teachers Welcome.pdf**

Notes from Nancy to New Teachers - You have chosen the most wonderful profession in the world! Teaching children a new language - opening their eyes, minds and hearts to new cultures. They will learn to communicate, negotiate meaning, interact with others, develop their interpersonal skills, collaborate --important 21st Century skills. Lots to think about when starting - these notes are just a guide for you to use over and over for self-reflection and growth. I wish you all the success and happiness that I have experienced! Email me anytime with your questions, challenges, successes!

First Day Activities

A list of ideas and activities to get to know your students - in English but SO adaptable

Surviving Your First Year

Yes, it's normal to have the roller coaster of emotions - but it is the ultimate learning experience and feel wonderful about the impact you had on your students. Nice article - short read - to the point!

Advice to New Teachers
From Foreign Language Forum - so great information and advice to new foreign language teachers

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Cheapie Stuff for the Classroom.pdf

Tips, Tricks and Hints on how to outfit your classroom on the "cheap". When you use your props, visuals, hands-on games, puppets, etc. students learn with enthusiasm and motivation --and that all leads to acquisition and ultimately retention. Don't spend a ton of $$$ - use your (and their) imagination and creativity. :) Note from Nancy

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PPT on Teaching Vocab.pdf

PowerPoint on Teaching Vocabulary - very basic but to the point

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MA Foreign Languages Framework.pdf

MA statewide guidelines for learning, teaching, and assessment in modern and classical foreign languages. Based on scholarship, sound research, and effective practice, the Framework will enable teachers and administrators to strengthen curriculum and instruction from PreKindergarten through grade 12

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Characteristics Best Practices Teaching and Learning.pdf

These are guidelines developed by the National Association of District Supervisors of Foreign Languages which are really on target about some characteristics of effective teaching strategies and also learning strategies on the part of the students.

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Expectations of Students.pdf

These are the student learning strategies and academic expectations that are isolated from the above document. It's a great tool for outlining what students should "do" to be successful in a foreign language class

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PPT Classroom Management Strategies.pdf

Classroom Management PowerPoint - Some thoughts, some strategies, some must-do's!

Why do students get distracte? bored? How do I deal with disruptions? What's pacing got to do with it? ....Answers to all these questions and more!! nk

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Classroom Management Reflections.pdf

Having some challenges? This is an interactive document from which you identify your own areas of challenge . Some hints, tricks, and strategies to help you!

Activities for Foreign Language Week

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ABC For. Lang Celebration Ideas.pdf

Annually Foreign Language Week is celebrated in March - I have amassed these suggestions for activities to help "celebrate" in class and schoolwide

Monitoring and Dipsticking

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Checking for Comprehension.pdf

Dipsticking or checking for comprehension is one of the most important strategies for teaching. This gives some suggestions on how, when, where and why it is important. This is a monitoring tool and practice

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Cruising Clipboard.pdf

More strategies on monitoring student learning - useful for the "cruising clipboard" strategy on classroom participation

Annenberg Learner Project

A favorite of Nancy K's - Destinos , Destinos Advanced, French in Action, Teacher Workshops on Strategies, Model Lessons, the Standards - Fabulous Resources - Annenberg Collection

This is the homepage ...just click on Foreign Languages and see what is available.

Using Visuals to Teach!!

See more links on the Integrating Technology Page

Using Photos to Teach Culture

This is an excellent sample of a lesson plan on how to use a photo to teach culture...scaffolded well and can be adapted to any foreign language teaching

Authentic Photos for Teachng a F.L.

Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon, CAPL, the source for authentic images for language learning. The author of the site seeks to connect language, culture, and meaning with concrete examples.

Teaching Culture Through Street Signs

Fantastic lesson template for any language - some street signs are universal - others - well, -unique! This is a great lesson for any level - templae adaptable to any language. *

Brainstorming and Questioning

A good guide on "brainstorming" and questioning

The Language Wiki

Interactive Wiki with a lot of links on teaching, benefits, hints on how to learn a language....and more!

Authentic Audio

Authentic Audio sites for Spanish and French in one link!

Strategies to use with students with learning disabilities

Foreign Languages and Student with Disabilities

Foreign Languages and LD Students

Two great sites with some helpful information of teaching a foreign language to students with specific learning disabilities and strategies to use for reading and writing.

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external image pdf.png
Foreign Languages and Ss with L.D..pdf

Strategies for teachers to use with students with learning disabilities -- strengthening auditory and visual learners, students with language processing deficits,

Standards for Learning Foreign Languages

ACTFL Standards for Foreign Language Learning

This is an overview of the ACTFL Standards for Learning a Foreign Language - the complete document has to be ordered however


Massachusetts Standards ~~ Frameworks For Foreign Languages

These are the MA Standards for Foreign Languages which were based on the ACTFL Standards above. The entire document can be downloaded or obtained from the DESE at no cost download just click on the image to the above ....

Thematic Units with the 5 C's


Content-based Thematic Units

CASLS designed MOSAIC for the second language educator who wants students to learn the target language through engaging topics. For example, students learn how to report events and ask questions in French while studying HIV/AIDS in Africa, and Spanish students practice comparing and asking questions as they learn about the importance of food in religious ceremonies.

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Thematic Units.pdf

This document that I found on a wiki are just amazing and I congratulate those who constructed this guide for creating thematic units on their intense collaboration and hard work. This is amazing and please do not copy or use without crediting the names of the creators. They did a brilliant job! nk

Cooperative Learning - How To's and Activities

Cooperative Learning Activities for the FL Classroom

Ready to use activities for the Foreign Language Classroom

"How-To" for Cooperative Learning

Nice guidelines for some routines and suggestions when using collaborative learning

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external image pdf.png
Cooperative Learning and Planning.pdf

Suggestions on how to create that cooperative, collaborative environment in your classroom

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Interpersonal Communicatio.pdf

Strategy to ensure that students talk, talk, talk!!

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external image pdf.png
Cooperative and Partner Work Planning Guide.pdf

Strategies for the very important learning that comes with student to student interaction

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Interact and communicate.pdf

Ideas for Interactive / Communicative Activities!

Reading and Writing to Learn a Foreign Language
Note from Nancy: See more book making sites on the Integrating Technology Pages- Student-created books/ booklets are a phenomenal medium for writing, creativity, increasing motivation and more. Students can create, have an "author" day, read to younger grades, hold a Literacy Night or Exhibition. Endless possibliities! Remember: Read to Learn / Write to Show!!
Making Books Monthly
Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord's site for making books with children. You can subscribe but there is also a FREE electronic newsletter - fabulous ideas for recycyling so minimal expense - maximum fun for your class. The mini-book can be made in minutes - so many uses in a language class. Recycle paper - paper bags - old notices - hmmm...endless possibilities. Thank you, Susan, for your creativity and willingness to share your expertise!
Making Folded Books
A hands-on site that shows the many ways students can make their own books. From the West Virginia D.O.E. This is motivating as they "own" their own creations from paper to words!! Also has sites for other bookmaking projects!

Writing and Reading

How to Make a Poof Book

Nice, clear directions on making a mini-book (like S.K.Gay's) - no need for staples ---just a sheet of paper! Takes minutes and students can write and illustrate quickly on the "mini-pages"! Try it!

Writing and Reading

How to Make a Pop-Up Book

More nice, clear directions so students can now make "pop-up" books! These type of formats are motivating and change the pace for "writing" .

Writing and Reading

Creating E-Books with PowerPoint

Explicit directions on using PPT for creating storybooks - good lab activity

Arts (and Crafts) in the F.L. Classroom
Note from Nancy: Integrating the arts is the way to encourage creativity with the language and make those all-important connections that bring language alive to students.

Making Puppets

Directions and Photos - fabulous wiki for ideas on foreign language teaching and learning everything!

Art Activities Galore!

Another fabulous wiki for art and technology

Music in the F.L. Classroom

Activities (Spanish) **** Start your class with music! **** free listening: **** What you might have missed - archives! **** French: Activities:**** What you might have missed: **** **** ==== ====
Zachary Jones is fantastic! Visit his sites - go to his workshop (this year at MaFLA) - learn, enjoy, and engage your students. Fabulous sites for French and Spanish music! All kinds of activities (cloze, etc.) engage the students.


Total Physical Response
Dr. James J. Asher created Total Physical Response, or TPR, as a theory and method for teaching second languages. This method intends to reduce stress and build confidence in students while they learn a foreign language (Segal Cook).