Non scholae sed vitae discimus"We learn not for school, but for life."
ipsa scientia potestas est
Knowledge itself is power.

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Latin via Technology!

50 Websites for Keeping Latin Alive!
From the site: " Latin may be known as a "dead" language, but that doesn’t mean that Latin is dead. Many people from pre-med students to classics and religious scholars to those just interested in learning Latin enjoy the fact that Latin is not always changing–requiring students to continually learn new words, phrases, or slang. The stability of Latin and it’s contribution to the English language continue to encourage others to learn more about Latin. The following websites will help you do the same with games and quizzes, online texts, sites that teach you how to learn Latin, dictionaries and lists, and religious sites"
Latin Teaching Material
Saint Louis University ]]offers a “Latin Teaching Materials” section with ready-to-go handouts in PDF format, films to aid in Latin acquisition, lessons in grammar and vocabulary, and reading acceleration programs.
lets students download free lessons in MP3 format that teach Latin through immersion in speaking and listening. Recorded lessons from Adler's textbook, “A Practical Grammar of the Latin Language” form the core of the podcasts.
“Main Classics Page” is a collection of original resources and links to outside resources, compiled by a Latin teacher. Particularly helpful are the exercises designed to accompany the “Ecce Romani” textbook (though they’re just as useful without the book), and the conjugation page. You may need to download the free Flash player to use this site.
For interactive Latin practice;|Quia ]]makes Latin practice fun and easy with matching games, quizzes and Latin versions of Hangman and Battleship. Search the thousands of options by activity type or subcategory. You can search by textbook as well to find already made flashcards for the chapters.
Flashcard Exchange
[[javascript:openwin('');|Flashcard Exchange ]]allows you to print flashcards or study them online with a timer. Search within the Latin tag for specific subjects such as “conjugation,” “vocabulary” or “Latin infinitives.”
Simple tutorial for Beginner Latin
[[javascript:openwin('');| ]]offers a simple tutorial to learning the Latin language intuitively, with less emphasis on grammar or rules. There’s nothing flashy or interactive; just work your way through the nine lessons for an easy introduction to Latin
Perseus Digital Library
Tufts University offers an extensive textual guide to Latin grammar, covering the alphabet, orthography, parts of speech, gender, number and case, declension and conjugation, personal endings and more.
Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid
University of Notre Dame's ]]“Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid” is the preferred resource for translating Latin words to English, with more than 15,000 entries. Download the dictionary for offline use.
Latin Library
|The Latin Library ]]has an interactive declension practice page that provides a noun and allows you to fill in the nominative, genitive, dative, accusative and ablative cases. You can then check the correct answers.
ACL Materials and Resources for Teaching
|The American Classical League's ]]“Teaching Materials and Resource Center” contains Latin books and lessons, posters, maps and slides for teachers. There’s also information on opportunities for national involvement with Latin, including the National Latin exam, Junior Classical League and various contests
Latin Teach
home of the Latinteach e-mail discussion forum, and has a “Resources” section that’s well designed and extremely useful. Click on a subject to access a wealth of painstakingly researched links.
Teaching Roman Culture
(Kentucky Educational Television) Distance Learning has lessons that are designed for distance learning, but the information and lessons on Latin I topics such as history, grammar, vocabulary and mythology are great for classroom use, too. The “Mores” section in particular could inspire ideas and provide handouts for the study of Roman culture.
Five Day Lesson Plan for Roman Living
It gives beginning Latin students a comprehensive understanding of Roman culture, including politics, society, business and home.
Latin Phrases and Quotes
| ]]is a collection of Latin phrases, categorized as “Sayings,” “Quotes,” “Phrases,” “Expressions” or “Terms.” Also search the site by topic, such as “Love” or “Death,” using the links on the left sidebar.
Latin Links -- Easton
|E.L. Easton ]]is a directory of Latin links. Browse the sections to find Latin resources gathered from around the Web.
Finding Dulcinea
Site with links to beginning to conversational, advanced Latin
Latin Language
Useful resources for teaching and learning Latin - history, quotes, grammar, etc.
Nova Roma
Online resources for teaching and learning Latin
Transparent Language - Latin
Resources - some free, some for $$
Why Study Latin?
Articles and tidbits on why "Your child...." should study Latin. Interesting - articles great for program recruitment!