Find the Planning Document here:

This should guide in planning for teaching and learning with the model focusing on moving to students interaction and engagement. This stresses the I do, We do, You do Model for the gradual release of responsibility for teaching the material (the teacher) to student responsibility for learning. So..it's a little dense but important to understand why we do what we do in the classroom. Moving on, see the template below a teacher can use for daily plans. nk
Find an Interactive Planning Template here:

These templates are based on the Planning Document above and will allow the teacher to download, fill in and retain for the future. One good idea is to reflect on its success, challenges and revision. For the new teacher it always helpful break it down by time (ex. 5-7 min) to aid in the pacing and momentum of the class. nk
What is a Standards-based Performance Objective?

Use this document to help guide in writing objectives that are standards and performance based for foreign language classes.
Planning Visual (for those visual learners like me!! )

A visual that shows how effective planning leads to effective learning - a cyclical depiction of what goes into effective planning
Lesson Planning Tools

Teachers First Planning
Great tool for planning lessons! Saves Time!
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