"We need to replicate in the classroom the world in which our students are living"Author Unknown


Thank you Mellissia for sharing this in class!!

10 important reasons to teachers to integrate various aspects of technology with curiculum, instruction and assessment in Foreign Language teaching and learning:
Source: Technology and Foreign Language Learning
  1. Students are generally technology �literate and have become accustomed to using computers, videos, and other technology- based means of acquiring information. 21st Century Skills
  2. Students learn at different rates and have different learning styles. The use of technology helps teachers reach all students in different ways. 21st Century Skills
  3. Technology helps to relate the curriculum to life outside the classroom 21st Century Skills
  4. Technology helps to involve students in worthwhile, interactional activities, such as interpersonal exchanges, information gathering, and problem-solving projects. 21st Century Skills
  5. Technology helps students to be active participants - 21st Century Skills
  6. Using different aspects of technology helps motivate students to learn. 21st Century Skills
  7. Technology adds many dimensions of foreign language learning, particularly with the use of multimedia programs.
  8. Technology helps to make the study of foreign languages very practical and significant in children's lives. If students can communicate readily through e-mail with children in a foreign country, it is unlikely that the teacher will hear them say but I will never have a chance to really use.(any language) 21st Century Skills
  9. Students have the opportunity to work collaborative manner. 21st Century Skills
  10. Technology gives students opportunities to use their productive and receptive abilities for real purposes, such as publishing a newsletter or writing interactive journals. 21st Century Skills

The Millenials and Pedagogy of the Present to the Future
Who are the Millenials and what does Millenial Pedagogy Look Like? Fascinating article and we are there everyone - believe it or not! :) nk
And What Assessment Should Look Like for the Millenials
So...has journal writing (a great assessment tool) given way to "blogs" ? In this article it supports the critical concern for authenticity which is ensuring authentic language use – making sure that the language elicited is used to accomplish real-world communicative goals that are relevant to the learner. Letters, now audio/video chats, emails, ......
So many sites for Language Teachers - in the language, about teaching, for fun, music.....enjoy searching.
This is a great - join free and then join the group Images to Teach Languages - plenty of authentic photos to support your teaching and student learning - visuals are alway the best medium for vocabulary , concepts.... See more sites on the Toolbox Page!
Toondo: In an easy way students can write and create comic strips or books.
Digital Storytelling
Stupeflix is a web application to make awesome videos in a few clicks:
You can import pictures and videos from your computer or from your Facebook, Picasa or Flickr account. You can add music by uploading a song or choosing one from our library. You can add voice-over by uploading a file or using computer voices that will read your text. Complete your video with text slides, text legends on top of pictures, transitions, maps and more.
So you want to be comic book writer / illustrator??? Easy and Fun with the following sites!!
John Ross interview of Stephanie Krajicek
Ms. Krajicek presented at a conference and these sites to the left are fantastic resources for encouraging
Link to the Whole Article on NCLRC - Voices from the Field
Comic Strip Maker

Make Beliefs Comix!

PikiStrips:Students can create their own comic strips by uploading photos, bubbles and more!
Create Your Scenario
Create your own play. Choose stars and assign their lines, then click the "Create My Scenario" button to see your work. Standard: Communication / Interpetive, Presentational
Big Huge Labs - students can make posters, magazine covers, collages, calendars, etc
Dumpre Photo Fun! Upload a photo, create a poster, puzzle, any shape
BuilLD YouR WiLD SeLF - Fun!- Create a monsters as prompts - students can then describe, make up stories, conversations, New York Zoos and Aquarium
Brochuremaker: Easy, easy way to create brochures ....great projects ahead!! Standard: Communication / Interpetive, Presentational
Storybird: Collaborative story telling - storybooks - Communication Interpretive / Presentational Standards
See more on the Toolbox Page
Wordle: Make amazing word clouds - fun for previewing what students know, summarizing what they've learned, categories, labeling, -- Use for activators, summarizers, review, ...and more!
PicLits - use freestyle writing on the site to go along with pictures - great activity to do whole-class Standard: Communication / Interpetive, Presentational

.Quizlet Flash Cards- have some already done in languages or you can make your own for student practice
Create Your Own Bingo Cards- Bingo, Lotto, Voila, - whatever you name it , students love to play with vocabulary - not just numbers! :)
PowerPoint Games - Great site for Pyramid, Millionaire, Game Boards, Squares, Wheel of Fortune, Password and more! These PowerPoints are downloadable and can be revised to correlate with your vocabulary lessons. Authentic sounds, looks, etc
Play 20 questions in many languages!
This is a fabulous site for printables for your classroom - you can search for French, Spanish, Italian and more languages and ready to go activities with printable worksheets, ideas and more!
Making Folded Books
OK...not exactly computer technology but a hands-on site that shows the many ways students can make their own books. From the West Virginia D.O.E. This is motivating as they "own" their own creations from paper to words!! Also has sites for other bookmaking projects!
See more on the Toolbox Page
Making Books Monthly
Fabulous ideas for making books out of recycled materials.Susan Kapucinzki Gaylord's Making Books with Children. Students "own" the product from start to finish! Easy to do without investing in a lot of materials, etc. You can recycle, reuse, etc. Love the "mini-book" !!! Standard: Communication / Interpretive, Presentational Note:sign up with Ms. Gaylord's site and get an email monthly on making books - Fantastic!
Authentic Audio
Authentic Audio sites for Spanish and French in one link! Kick up the Listening Skills!
What is Voki?
Voki is a FREE service that lets you:
  • Create customized avatars.
  • Add voice to your Voki avatars.
  • Post your Voki to any blog, website, or profile.
  • Take advantage of Voki's learning resources.
external image home_header3.gif
Used by educators all over the world, Voxopop talkgroups are a fun, engaging and easy-to-use way to help students develop their speaking skills. They're a bit like message boards, but use voice rather than text and a have a specialised user interface. No longer confined to a physical classroom, teachers and students of oral skills can interact from home, or even from opposite sides of the planet
A free site that facilitates speaking! Fabulous practice for oral / speaking assessments!
This is a great new site that is extremely easy to navigate and is very user-friendly. The teacher can easily record his/her voice for students to hear, then the student simply clicks and records his/her own response to the question. The student can then listen to what he/she said and easily delete and redo. The teacher can add in text, YouTube Videos, and images as well. The great thing about this site is that it is completely online and does not require downloading any software onto your computer or the student�s computer. The students submit their spoken (or typed) response to the site and the teacher accesses the student work through his/her Lingt account. Student do not have to sign up for an account, just the teacher (and it is FREE). Students simply title their work with their name and the teacher accesses it that way.
Upload photos, select music, add text, and it makes short videos for you for free (30 seconds but fun, fun)
larger_storybird_flying_birds_logo.png These are Modern Language Storybirds in several languages -
Students can create animated videos from stock characters, images, video effects. In order to be able to write with accent, etc. students have to use word, then copy and paste. Encourage the creativitiy, imagination with this type of motivational project.
Take any image, add a mouth to it, record something for it to say, and watch it become a moving : conversationalist! by_ppp.gif

Create free photobooks from copyright-safe Flickr images and a template
Create Photobooks online ~~ ==What is Mixbook?==
Mixbook is the easy and fun way to make completely customizable photo books, cards, and calendars on the web – for free. With Mixbook, you aren’t limited to static pre-designed templates – our powerful design software gives you the freedom to lay out and design your creations to your heart’s content. We’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing you the best experience in creating photo products so that you can make keepsakes that truly reflect your vision. With Mixbook, you can truly Make It Yours™.
Create Your Scenario - Generates simple playscripts - especially good for elementary
Online Stopwatch - Use this to monitor group work,

An excellent document which details strategies for teaching and learning vocabulary using technology.
A favorite of Nancy K's - Destines , Destinos Advanced, French in Action, Teacher Workshops on Strategies, Model Lessons, the Standards - Fabulous Resources - Annenberg Collection
Poll Everywhere
Just learned this in a fabulous learn about technology class with Mellissia Walles - fun and a great do-now, summarizer --nk :)
Know what your students are thinking and learning right now. Bringing interactive social assessment to every classroom is now possible and affordable. Using Poll Everywhere in your school or university, you can increase teaching effectiveness without breaking the bank.

‍Why use Poll Everywhere?

  • Increase classroom participation and attentiveness
  • Encourage risk-taking with anonymous student responses
  • Elicit diverse opinions when there isn't a correct answer
  • Expose social misconceptions
  • Gauge student comprehension of material immediately
  • Grab students with thought-provoking opening questions
  • Allow students to provide instructor feedback
  • Automate taking attendance
  • Assess last night's reading with a quick quiz
  • Strengthen retention
  • Utilize its capabilities outside the classroom for professional development, student-run presentations, talent shows, battle of the bands, company presentations, student government, or community forums.
  • Poll Everywhere is free for classes with up to 32 students per section.
How do people participate using the web browser on their phone?
  1. Have people navigate to using their web browser
  2. Type the poll keyword in the text box (For example, "207576")
  3. Type your answer following the poll keyword (20756 Mexico, Costa Rica, France)
  4. Press "Submit" to send the response A super easy word splash / brainstorming tool - a little like "Inspiration" but simpler to use....
Not a free site (although you can try free for 30 days) creates fabulous visuals, graphic organizers, and more! Some educational institutions have a site license for this or Kidspiration


Quizlet is the largest flash cards and study games website with over 4 million free sets of flashcards covering every possible subject. It's a great place to play educational games, memorize vocabulary and study online
This site is amazing - will automatically create rubrics (digital media scoring guides) for communicative types of projects in seconds!
Glogs! Free multimedia poster maker - Teachers can set up accounts for their students. Browse the examples on the Glogopedia - look for glogs in languages - you can even add sound! Great projects to use as springboards for oral / digitial presentations. See an example here:
Bingo game
Create, review, play - have fun with your vocabulary with your students!!
Bringing the World to Your Language Classroom: The ePals Global Community
By John R. Ross
One of the most common starting points for new members is the ePals Global Community, which is the traditional classroom connection that many people associate with a pen pal connection. This downloadable article has a 21st Century twist.
All A-Buzz: The 21st Century Language Classroom
By John Ross
For the full report you can download an article on a visit by John Ross to a technology rich classroom in Virginia. While we may not all be "rich" in the tech tools per se we can learn those strategies that make a difference with several activities and tips you can incorporate into language instruction—including building your own (almost) free interactive whiteboard. Great article!
Sentence Scramble
Tech class with Mellissia - fun, easy, fast. Project onto board, monitor, wherever - great class starter activity!! :) nk
This sentence scrambler allows teachers to type or paste in as many sentences as they would like and scrambles the words at random. Any punctuation typed in remains attached to the word it is next to. Students can then try to unscramble the sentences. Options include putting slashes or dashes between words to make them easier to distinguish.
Survey Monkey
Plans and features:
Create Your Own Online Surveys for FREE!
  • Basic Plan (free)-10 questions (multiple choice, short answer, true/false)-100 students responses- send by email to track responses- add link to wikispace for anonymous responses- view summary of answers, by individual student responses, or by questions- may copy and paste into other document (word, notepad, etc)- does not integrate with Course Management System,- hard to complile results without the "paid subscriptions"- cannot provide feedback