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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new lands but in seeing with new eyes."
Marcel Proust (1871-1922), French novelist

French "Connections" !!
Resources devoted to the French language
French online newspaper
Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
A wide variety of resources for French
100 Famous People with French Heritage
Fun site to take a quiz - see how many you know -
Learn French in Boston - Podcasts including explanations of French Poetry and Practice Sessions
Lit Gloss
is a collection of texts written in languages other than English. The texts are of literary, cultural, or historical interest to speakers of English, and likely (we think) to be better appreciated if read in the original language. Our goal is to make them accessible by providing semantic and syntactical help, and to provide supplementary materials which help the students see the text in its literary, artistic, historical, cultural context.
BBC French
This site has many French resouces and activities that students can do on their own
Digital Media Archives
This site from the Language Acquisition Resource Center is new but still has digitial archives on topics such as music, the marketplace, OPI interviews,
Best French Resources
French websites
Parlez-vous francais?
Many resources for your classes Lots of French cultural links
For A.P. Blog with Interviews
A site / blog with tons of interviews by French speakers with accompanying activities - good for A.P. Practice!
How much fun with a teaser for your class with Asterix!
Ratatouille Short Clips
Short clips from the movie -

French Class Projects
Scrapbook Projects, journals, webquests ....some ideas are great. Some (unfortunately) are mediocre but be judicious whatever you see or read anyway!!
All About Teaching French
A host of ideas, links, games, activities, grammar lessons ---wow and whew!!
Texting in French
OK....not grammatically or great spelling - just fun!

Curriculum Documents for French Program (Drafts)

French 1

French 2

French 2 H

French 3

French 4

A.P. French